What’s That Noise?

What's That Noise?

Changing your brake pads when necessary to avoid accidents

How to identify need for new brake pads/rotors

Turn down that Lady Gaga song for one car ride and take a listen. Your car usually tells you when it may need to be looked over! The best and easiest way to learn that you may need to check the brakes is the noise they’re making! It would most commonly be a squealing noise at stops. Occasionally some people hear a hissing noise as they come to a stop. If they’re making noise, it’s time to have someone take a look.

Importance of preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is just what it sounds like: ways of maintaining to prevent! Sometimes, brake pads and rotors don’t get replaced often enough. You, as a driver, can help them last a little bit longer from the start.

One of the ways to prevent the pads from wearing thin is the way you drive. Try stopping earlier or coasting to a stop to avoid heavy and sudden braking! Doing this will save your rotors from getting grooves in them (also makes your fuel last longer)! A safe following distance will help you coast to a stop and especially helps avoid accidents.

Also, the amount of weight in your car has an influence on your brake pads too! Lugging around sandbags and anvils is probably not the best idea.

Talking to your local Honda dealer mechanic for advice

If you haven’t gotten your brakes checked out (or especially if they’re making more noise than a Superbowl crowd) it’s time to ask a professional to take a look. Find your nearest Honda dealer and make an appointment today!

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