More About Motor Oil

More About Motor Oil

An easy beginning guide to motor oil

There are different types of motor oil. The types of oil we will focus on are synthetic oil, synthetic blends, and conventional oil. First, let's look at the difference between them.


 Like most oils, conventional can come in different viscosities. Derived directly from crude oil, conventional oil can take still lubricate at higher temperatures. Because of its natural characteristics, it may also decrease engine wear in the long term. 

 Full Synthetic:

Fully chemically engineered. To explain, the molecules of conventional oil may have imperfections or irregularities, because it is naturally occurring. Synthetic oil has gone through a process to create more uniformity in the molecule shape and in turn, can have better performance at extremely high or extremely low temperatures. 

Synthetic Blend:

A combination of Synthetic stocks and conventional motor oils. Because of this combination, it may have characteristics that resist oxidation as compared to conventional oils. This Oil works best at low temperatures. 

How to read Viscosity

The numbers on the oil tell us their viscosities at certain temperatures. 
Viscosity is basically how thick and lubricating fluid can be when poured or moved. Thin oils will have a low viscosity and will flow easier in low temperatures. High viscosity motor oil is thicker. When oil moves through your engine, the thinner it is, the smoother it will flow. 
The numbers on our motor oil usually look like this: 5W-30 or 10W-40. The first number is the oil’s viscosity at lower temperatures. W stands for Winter. In these examples, 5W- will be thinner in winter temperatures, and therefore flow easier than 10W- a higher number, therefore a higher viscosity in WINTER temperatures. 
This number can also tell you how easily your car will start under winter temperatures. The lower the Winter viscosity, the easier the oil will flow, hence, starting your car on the first try. 
The second, larger number is the motor oil’s viscosity in average to hot weather. 

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This short informational blog on motor oil will give you a better surface understanding of how to read motor oil viscosities and the different types. Find your local Honda Dealership and order your motor oil today!