Halloween- Driver Safety

Halloween- Driver Safety

If Trick-or-Treating is allowed in your area, keep in mind it means more pedestrians to look out for! Here are some tips to make this Halloween safe for everybody:

1. As always, stay alert. Distracted driving is dangerous not only to the people around you but also to yourself, and your passengers! Make sure your reverse camera, blind spot camera and all your mirrors are clean and tidy. As clear as possible to see any little ghosts or ghouls running around.

2. Keep your vehicle tucked away if possible. Perhaps in the garage or deeply into the driveway. More pedestrians could mean more body damage to your vehicle if they are not careful. To restore those pesky paint chips, try finding your vehicle's color in these official Paint Pens! Add your VIN for accuracy!

3. Have sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer gel handy! Not only to protect from germs and possible illness, but also for the sticky fingers that are going to be full of sticky candy! Regular maintenance of the inside of your vehicle will save you a headache of cleaning later. Did you know? Honda has First Aid Kits that are handy and compact to fit in your vehicle. All the stuff you need! Click here to buy one today! https://www.hondapartsnetwork.... 

4. Finally, Have fun!