A Breath of Fresh Air

How changing your cabin air filter can keep your car dust, mold and germ-free

Keeping your family healthy and safe is a number one priority. Regular maintenance of your home is crucial, but car cleanliness is sometimes overlooked. The air we breathe in our cars recirculates. If the cabin air filter isn’t changed when its needed, the air quality can drop significantly.

New air filter next to old air filter after 30,000 miles. Dust, debris, pollen, even acorns!

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Most vehicles have the Cabin Air filter behind your glove compartment. Just pop off the glove compartment, pull out the old and dirty filter and place in a fresh one the same way! It’s that easy.

We are always here to help. Place your orders online with our friendly staff and see the small differences you can do to make your car dust and germ free!

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